iMotus™ is our custom-made software that allows users to see the output of their data streamers in real time. With iMotus, you are able to connect multiple data streamers through a Bluetooth connection. The data that is collected through the streamers are recorded and stored within the software and can be exported for further research.


  • Monitor the results in real-time

    iMotus enables you to monitor the result of each experiment in real-time interactively, understand how the user is doing, and prevent wrong data collection.

  • Export experiment data

    When the test is completed, you can access the results collected as well as the older experiments and download the results in your desired format, such as .csv or Excel. Using this detailed information, you can conduct further analysis and make customized KPIs that fit your student's field.

  • Configure multiple sensors at the same time

    The software supports multiple iMotus-S sensors, so that you are able to read, analyze, restore, plot, and interpret data in real time. An example is to locate multiple sensory units on a human body to measure human motion and perform kinematic analysis, which does not need expensive, yet non-natural, HD camera lab settings.

  • Advanced statistical analysis toolbox

    Using iMotus, you are able to statistically analyze the collected data and receive information on the type of data collected, and some statistical indices. However, by exporting data tests in your desired format, you can apply more statistical techniques in order to have further results for your reports and publications.

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