iMotus-S Sensor

iMotus-S is an advanced wireless sensor reader that comprises at least one data streamer and one receiver. This sensory unit records and streams sensor data to the data receiver, while the receiver plugs into our custom-designed iMotus™ app that is available at Microsoft Store. iMotus-S measures acceleration, and angular velocity, and consists of a combination of accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers.

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  • Roll, pitch, and yaw (Euler) angles

    The iMotus-S use quaternion representations to calculate Euler angles using the combination of accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer readings. A Euler angle is a set of three angles that describe the orientation of an object in 3D space, and are used to represent the roll, pitch, and yaw of the device.

  • Angular acceleration

    Accelerators measure angular acceleration about three directions (x, y, and z) relative to the sensor's frame of reference, and can be used to determine the orientation of the device in space.

  • Angular velocity

    Gyroscopes measure angular velocity, or how fast the device is rotating around each axis, and determine the orientation and angular acceleration of the device.

  • Linear acceleration (3 DOFs)

    The iMotus-S includes an accelerometer, which measures the acceleration of the object in all three dimensions (x, y, and z). The accelerometer senses the changes in the object's velocity and uses this information to calculate the linear acceleration.

  • Jerk components (3 DOFs)

    iMotus app calculated the jerk index, the rate of change of acceleration with respect to time. In engineering and physics, jerk can be important to consider in certain applications, such as controlling the movement of robotic arms or designing roller coasters.

  • Several key performance indicators (KPIs)

    The iMotus-S enables you to use acceleration, angular velocity, and magnetic field strength components to generate key performance indicators in order to quantitatively assess the experiment..

iMotus-W Sensor

iMotus-W is a modernistic sensor reader and analyzer that plugs into our custom iMotus software to read and analyze sensor data. iMotus restores/plots sensor data, interpret data in real-time, and provides advanced statistical data analysis. iMotus-W can mount to any shape and size of wheels.

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  • Task completion time

    The time it takes for a user to complete a task or experiment is also recorded by the iMotus software.

  • Duration of inactivity & activity

    The iMotus software shows you the total time in which the patient has used the wheelchair (active) and the time that the wheelchair has not been used (inactive).

  • Smoothness of motion by calculating the jerk index

    Smoothness of motion refers to the evenness and fluidity of movement. It is the absence of jerky or sudden movements and the presence of a continuous and controlled motion. The iMotus measures the smoothness of motion by calculating the jerk index.

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